Sunday, January 18, 2009


Kronos is a 1957 science fiction alien invasion movie starring Jeff Morrow, Barbara Lawrence and George O'Hanlon.

It's at youtube in 8 sections of reasonable 10-minute lengths. (This is gone when checked 5/8/2010)

available via youtube:


1000 Misspent Hours finds it laughable. TCM has an overview. DVDTalk calls it "the most over-achieving low budget Science Fiction films of the 50s" and says it "delivers a fascinating concept and a stunning production that transcends its own silly dramatics". StompTokyo says,
Kronos is a terrific example of the 1950's science fiction movies that have been featured on UHF channels on many a Saturday afternoon. One can plainly see the roots of modern science fiction in these cheesy productions, right down to the technobabble.

The plot of "it feeds on our attacks" is an oldie but a goodie. I'm so glad the token woman had the good taste to wear a dress and pearls for the grand finale.

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