Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Battle of the Worlds

Battle of the Worlds is a 1961 Italian science fiction film released dubbed in English in 1963. How did they get Claude Rains to star in this film? He's always a draw for me, so I know the movie will have at least one bright spot.

It's available at googlevideo, and you can watch it here:

As it turns out, Claude Rains is the only bright spot here. It's fun to see him in a space suit. "What importance does life have, young fella, if to live means not to know?"

Moria closes with praise of Claude Rains:
On the plus side Battle of the Worlds is stolen in large part by Claude Rains, the only recognizable name present, who has clearly been imported for transatlantic marquee value. Claude Rains plays to the audience with an amusingly crusty crankiness, delivering almost the entirety of his performance while seated in a hammock in a conservatory. He’s clearly having fun and, amid the bland, lifeless other actors in the cast, gives the film the only vitality it has.

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