Friday, January 23, 2009

The Last Woman on Earth

The Last Woman on Earth is a 1960 Roger Corman science fiction film. At about the 27-minute point the woman picks up a copy of Vogue magazine and looks at the cover before dropping it. It's not that they give up trying to find other survivors, it's that they never start.

It is available online:

1000 Misspent Hours closes their review this way:
in general, The Last Woman on Earth enjoys the distinction of being among its creator’s most pointless and uninteresting movies. If you’re left with the impression that Corman probably made this turkey solely as an excuse to take a two-week vacation in Puerto Rico, you’re not alone.

Million Monkey Theater say,
It certainly does look like the whole thing could have been filmed in under a week.

What is not lacking, however, is a strangely powerful story of the end of the world as we know it as seen through the eyes of a very small group of people.

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