Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vincent van Gogh

Today is the anniversary of the death in 1890 of Vincent van Gogh. I spent many of my young adult years fascinated by this artist, reading books about him and learning about his life and work. There is a Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam which has a virtual tour, videos at youtube and 2 groups at Flickr.

There are many websites that display his paintings and drawings, including the Van Gogh Gallery (which also includes biographical information, lesson plans and other resources), the WebMuseum, the Artcyclopedia, Olga's Gallery, Artchive, MetMuseum, . His letters are online here. The National Gallery of Art has a virtual tour of their 1998 exhibit.

If having a poster of your favorite of his paintings is not enough, you can buy your very own action figure of Van Gogh with 2 interchangeable heads -one with both ears and one with a bandage.

This Vincent Van Gogh Gallery is endorsed by the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, and says,
I'm proud to say that I have the privilege of displaying 100% of Vincent van Gogh's works and letters--a complete, online catalogue raisonné of Van Gogh's oeuvre. As you explore these pages, you'll see the culmination of thousands of hours of work. But that's just the beginning . . . .

On a regular basis I'll be adding more criticism and analysis, historical commentary as well as a vastly expanded web of cross-referential hyperlinks. This will allow the visitor an easy means of exploring the rich tapestry of Vincent van Gogh's life and art.

Don McClean's Vincent (1971):

The picture at the top of the post is of Van Gogh's View of Arles and is the picture on one of the post cards The Daughter brought back from her recent trip to Germany and Austria. She brought back one other Van Gogh post card: Vase with Sunflowers, pictured below:

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