Sunday, July 06, 2008

R.I.P. Thomas Disch

I'm just now learning (via BoingBoing) that author Thomas Disch killed himself on 7/4.

Locus Magazine:
SF author, critic, and poet Thomas M. Disch, born 1940, died July 4, 2008, of suicide in his New York City apartment. Ellen Datlow reports that Disch had been depressed for several years...


Newscoma made note of it.

The Bat Segundo has a podcast of his last interview. (via SF Signal)
Thomas M. Disch, an author, poet and critic who twisted the inherently twisted genre of science fiction in new, disturbing directions, including writing his last book in the voice of God, died on Friday in his Manhattan apartment. He was 68.

The strange new worlds he created were an odd mix: dark and horror-filled, humorous and playful. His work outfoxed readers' expectations, one critic said, and made labeling a chore for publishers.

But being outside the box was a Disch trademark.


7/11/2008: has an article by Elizabeth Hand. (HT: LocusOnline)

Strange Horizons considers the reasons.

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