Saturday, July 12, 2008


The Younger Son and I went to Lugh today, a one-day event -our first SCA event- hosted by the Barony of Grey Niche. It was held out at the St. Columba Conference Center.

Nobody laughed at my pitiful attempt at "garb" -at least not where I could hear them- which was an even greater relief than I had realized it would be. We got to stay for the feast when someone at Troll said they had extra feast gear we could use. People could not have been more welcoming of us as newcomers and strangers. Baron and Baroness of Grey Niche Their Excellences Dagan al-Mahdi ibn Yusuf ib Hilal & Mahseed Leily (I got the names off the Grey Niche web site. It's still Greek to me.) were gracious and even commented to The Younger Son on how well they thought he had done. We were very impressed.

The Younger Son got qualified in rapier and won 3 of his fights. The rapier champion is a man who is regular at the weekly fighter practices and so is known to us. He and his Lady got to sit at the head table during the feast and were to be presented at the court to be held at 5:30 this afternoon. We were sorry to miss Court. The Younger Son got a chance to fight with 2 fighters from outside our Barony, one of whom was also a mat fencer, which was great fun. We saw the youth fighters' event. I attended the presentation on period shoes, which was fascinating.

If I could have changed anything about the event I'd have had everything announced loudly by the herald. I missed the talk on herbs, not realizing anything had started yet.

This was a great event, and it's interesting to me beyond just what it takes to support The Younger Son in his rapier involvement. I've always had a particular interest in medieval history, especially the pre-1400 part. There doesn't seem to be much local interest in music on its own, though I've heard some talk of dance events, and I haven't seen any mention of church history or pilgrimage topics, but there does seem to be some local interest in herbalism. There are weekly meetings alternating business meetings with Arts and Sciences topics. I went to their last meeting, which dealt with how to navigate all the issues around Troll-ing for an event. I'm planning to go to the meetings for a while.

Someone else who was there has written about it.

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