Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

When we saw The Road Warrior on that yahoo list of political satires we had a hard time remembering the movie in those terms, but we thought we had just missed that part of the film and would realize what made it fit in that category once we'd seen it again. Nope. I can't imagine why this film would ever be classified as political satire. Post apocalyptic dystopia, yes. Political satire, no way.

That said, it was fun to see it again, and The Younger Son had never seen it. I had forgotten parts of it. You'd think I would have remembered this movie when I first saw the Reavers in Firefly, but I didn't. And I still think the wardrobe of some of the bikers is impractical to say the least -I wouldn't want to ride a motorcycle in a leather thong.

Roger Ebert closes his review by saying,
This is very skillful filmmaking, and "Mad Max 2" is a movie like no other.

The New York Times says it
is not exactly fine art, but, in its stripped-down, cannily cinematic way, it's one of the most imaginative Australian films yet released in this country. praises it as
a fine example of the kind of action film increasingly rare today: One that exists not as a thin collection of emptily explosive set pieces, but as a story of character, in which the action, however kick-ass, advances our understanding of the people at its core. It gives you reason to care.


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