Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Breakfast in the Garden

Breakfast in the Garden (1933):

by Per Krohg. I'm ready for picnic weather. I'm ready for dry ground. Yes, I know the rain will give us pretty spring flowers, but I'm damp to the bone and ready for heat!

The news is oppressive and frustrating, and I've been grateful for the Olympics. I've kept the Olympics on and turned to the news only when I've seen some new development discussed on Facebook. It's odd to say I've been getting my news from FB, but at least that way I could seek out information on news events when there's been something new going on instead of watching the constant stream of people repeating their opinions. And although there are many books to read and movies to watch, I can't do that 24 hours a day. Honestly, I need pleasant weather and some time outside!

This Nowegian artist best known for the painting in the United Nations Security Council chamber. He died on March 3, 1965. I hope the United Nations can live up to his painting.

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  1. A beautiful painting - I like it! Don't mind too much about the news -- that's all in all just a crazy world.
    Happy T-Day !
    Spring will arrive for us all - sooner or later - keep calm and read!
    oxo Susi

  2. What an idyllic painting and I enjoyed reading about the artist too, thanks for the link! The Olympics was great to watch wasn't it and I think you are wise to pick and choose which news to watch 😁. Hope you get some dry and warm weather soon, Happy T Tuesday! J 😊

  3. That's a wonderful painting, must read more about the artist. The news is sometimes really hard to watch, that's true - truth is scarier than any fiction. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. I loved the painting you shared with us. I agree I really need some outdoors time too-we finally got two days-yesterday and today-with no rain and temps in the mid 60s-mud and water everywhere here still too. Lots of rain coming in tonight again I guess-ugh
    I watched lots of Olympics this year and loved every minute of it. I only watch my local news and weather now as the national news for me is too biased and opinionated. If I hear of a news story I go online now to search it out.
    Hope you get some nice weather soon too Happy T Day

  5. I like the style of this painting. I do hope that those of us that have been battered with either cold and snow or too much rain do get more warmth and sunshine real soon. Bring on Spring! I too watched a lot of the Olympics and make a point to only catch some local news once a day. I'd rather get paint on my fingers:) Happy T day!

  6. I've had to pack off from the news. Like a cat, I get puffy listening to it. I'm longing for the warm weather soon, and breakfast in the sun room. Happy T Day

  7. Its a lovely painting you shared today. I think many of us are wanting to spend time outdoors..
    We only watch the news headlines then turn it off or change the channel.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  8. I'm not familiar with this artist, so glad that you posted about her. I agree with you about the news. Just wish the reporters could deliver some good news once in a while. I know it's out there!
    happy T day...and Spring really is coming!

  9. I think that is an interesting painting. Very different from the mural at the UN. I haven't heard of this artist, as so many artists and writers you post about. Yup, agreed, the Olympics was a good diversion from the the awful news. What will be the next diversion now that the OLympics are over? Hope it was a good T day. hugs-Erika

  10. Beautiful painting, and thanks for the link to the one in the United Nations. I did not know about it. Now, I watch our local news, and only get on Facebook when our daughter emails us she posted a video of the kids concert or something. I love walking outside and can't wait for nice weather! Happy T Day!

  11. a wonderful painting... i became familiar with his parents Christian and oda when i was in oslo´s national Gallery last summer - what a talented Family! did not know this one though - thanks for showing!

  12. Oh I'm with you on needing some outside time. The last 2 days have been dry & sunshine so I have been out a neighbourhood walk. Having an indoor picnic is a secondary option - umm maybe this weekend for something spontaneous to do!

  13. Oh Yes!! A picnic ...yes please! We had had snow on and off all day! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. I am back from Missouri, where I spent two very sleepless days and nights. After returning, I crashed. Finally awake and drinking my THIRD coffee of the day and still fighting sleep deprivation, I am thrilled to see you shared your T Tuesday experience. I love this painting and it is so appropriate for T.

    Wow, do I know rain. It rained both days I was in MO. At first there was sun and beautiful weather, then the clouds came and the rain, rain, rain. NOT A DROP fell in Wichita while I was gone! I have been watching the weather and have seen just how much rain you and the river have gotten.

    Thank you for your contribution to T Tuesday this week. I have never heard of Krohg and loved the idea of learning about a new artist.

  15. I had a friend years ago who called the feeling you describe as house-itosis. I hope you can get some sun-filled outdoor time soon, D!

    Lovely painting.

    Happy T-day! Eileen