Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Painting Techniques

It was the teapot in the main photo for the digital printing section that convinced me to share this article for T Stands for Tuesday. You can see the photo on its own at this link.

I'm no artist, but I found myself intrigued by these alternatives to brushes for creating paintings. Artsy has examples with photos and explanations for painting with splattering and dripping, pouring, pulling and scraping, body printing, air brushing, and digital printing. I can see me trying these on a small scale just for fun. Well, all but the naked body printing. That ain't gonna happen. Airbrushing, hmmm, I wonder what small substitute for an industrial tool I could use for that....

Here's one of their examples for each of the techniques:

Splattering and Dripping

Jackson Pollock, 'Number 1, 1949'


Helen Frankenthaler, Cool Summer 

Pulling and Scraping

Gerhard Richter, Bach (1)

Body Printing

Yves Klein, Anthropometry of the Blue Period (ANT 82)


Ed Ruscha, OH and NO

Digital Painting

David Hockney, Yosemite II, October 16th 2011

Here's my teapot, teacup, and raisin bread toast I'll be having:

as I visit the bloggers who gather weekly to share a beverage. T Stands for Tuesday is hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth. You'll find a warm welcome if you join us.


  1. I can see why the main picture caught your eye with the lovely teapot and I loved seeing all the different painting techniques, it would be so much fun to try them all out, wouldn't it! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration 😁. I love your pretty white teapot and beautiful blue leaf cup and saucer! Your choice of tea and fruit bread looks so delicious - yum 😉. Wishing you a very Happy T Tuesday! J 😊

  2. Those arty experiments sound like fun, it's good to try new methods. I like the sound of raisin toast, too, yummy! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. what a super post, love it!!
    happy t-day:)

  4. always fun to experiment with different styles of art/painting etc. I have seen some of Jackson Pollock's paintings in person and they are fascinating-so much color and all to take in. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  5. I love to try out all art techniques ... great post!

  6. Thank you for sharing that article on different ways of painting. I am going to have a look at it properly in a minute. Very interesting.
    I love your blue cup and the tea bread. Toasted tea bread is my favorite.
    About the partridge.... unfortunaly here they keep partridges as game birds. I think that means they will get shot at. Such a shame, they are beautiful birds. I feel for them also because they live their lives in such a small cage. Lots of people have them and the cages usually hang on the outside Wall of the house (weather permitting).
    Happy T-Day,

    1. Thx! Interesting. I was picturing them in something like a chicken coop. Now I want partridges lol

  7. Body printing wouldn't be my cup of tea, either, though actress, Farrah Fawcett, used to roll all over large sheets of canvas/paper to paint her creations. Then again, she did have the figure for it. I really love your blue teacup. So sweet. Have a Happy T Day

  8. Its always interesting to see what you bring to T Divers.. Lovely seeing all the different techniques... And your raisin bread looks yummy!!! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  9. My keyboard is still having a hissy fit and refuses to work much of the time. I would LOVE to leave you a personal message but it takes too long to write an appropriate one. I hope you are having a great day, I’ve seen your latest art, and wish you a happy T Tuesday and Thanksgiving.

  10. I am not a painter but this looks fun! thanks so much for sharing this with us I do enjoy dyeing fabric I could use some of these techniques for that too
    Happy T Day Kathy

  11. There looks some fun techniques in the photos you shared. I was drawn to your lovely teapot and the yummy bread.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  12. It's interesting to me that, of the abstract works, I only liked the Gerhard Richter Bach painting. I'm still struggling to find my own style. So thank you for this art exercise, D ;-)

    Your raisin bread toast looks yummy.

    Happy T-day. Hugs, Eileem

  13. This was a very inspirational post--it makes me want to get out some paint and just have fun trying different techniques. I think that will have to wait until after the busy-ness of Thanksgiving, though. Happy T Day & thanks for the ideas!

  14. Nice collection of art techniques. It's interesting to see each style. And toast and tea sounds good to me. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  15. Some very interesting paintings full of various styles. I love your tea cup! So pretty.
    Happy Tea Day,

  16. LOVE all of the different styles of painting you shared today. It's always fun to try different methods. The "backgrounds" I created this week have already been claimed as stand alone paintings by family and friends :) So I guess I'll have to do more :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  17. Love all of these, I think my favorite is the pulling, scraping method, it creates such soft dreamy shades and textures.
    your tea and raisin toast look delicious!

  18. Fabulous group of art pieces without using a paintbrush! still wondering which body part was used in that painting...perhaps it's better if I don't know. Thanks for sharing your tea and raisin toast!