Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Slight Case of Murder

A Slight Case of Murder is a 1938 comedy starring Edward G. Robinson as a gangster who decides to go straight. This is very watchable, filled with delightful 1930s-era cuteness. I loved it. You can't go wrong with Robinson, after all.


The New York Times, in a review from the film's release, calls it "immoderately" amusing, praising the writing, the direction, and "the flavorsome performances of an unusually apt and well-chosen cast."


  1. Only on DVD rental on Netflix. Does sound familiar. When I was growing up we had matinee movies on TV in the afternoon and they were all old black and white films. I devoured them. ;)

    1. I remember those! And there was a late-night Friday old movie slot for a while, too.

      I have this one in a set with 3 other Robinson films I picked up cheap somewhere.