Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Cup of Tea Song

Cup of Tea Song:

by Judie Tzuke, who was born on April 3 in 1956, and so had a birthday yesterday.

Lyrics excerpt:
I feel like life has poured a cold cup of tea on my head
Why can’t I wake up when I was eighteen again?
When I was eighteen
Wish I was eighteen

I really don’t want to know
It’s taken a while to face up to who I’ve become
How did I fall so deep?
How can I not see that my world was fast asleep

Whatever way I turn
I can’t get across the bridges I burned
And seems there’s no going back
All those dreams that I had were shattered

I have to tell you this: I thoroughly enjoyed being 18, but even if I could I wouldn't go back. It's true that I'd change some things if I could; but if I was 18 again and didn't know what I know now what good is that, and if I did know -well, how painful would that be? I'll just try to move forward from here.

This is the 1st song on her 15th studio album, which was released in 2007.

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  1. LOve the song! I would like to be younger on some days when everything aches and squeaks, but on the other hand I'm glad I have some things behind me. Happy T Day! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Thank you so much for the song this T day Divers... If i could be 18 again...... nope... i think i'll stay right here... life is good at the moment.......and i do try to stay in the moment...you never know what is around the corner... but to do 18 again...? You make me think about the life i've had... would i change that? I don't think i could change any of it without changing all of it and i would never do that.......Happy T day Hugs! deb

  3. Happy T day. Think we would all like ti be a different agez sometimes
    Love Chrissie.

  4. What a lovely song, but really sad lyrics. If you are so unhappy in your own skin that you want to go back to being 18.... I wouldn't want to be 18 again. I was shy and unsure and had no self confidence at all. Every age has it's good moments, and (at 66) I like the age I am now. Like everybody else I think about the mistakes I made in life and think: what if... but then I quickly put that thought aside as there is no going back. I have no regrets really. It's all turned out for the best.
    Happy T-Day,

  5. You are so wise, I'm happy as I am too and I have so much to be grateful for :-) . Great song, wishing you a Happy T Tuesday! J :-)

  6. Other than Tea for Two and the Little Teapot, never knew there was a song about tea. Thanks for sharing. Like you, 18 was a great year, but that little girl was so naive. I wouldn't want to go back, but I would trade my broken down, dumpy body for that little girl's strong 18 year old body in a heartbeat (-; Happy T Day

  7. A lovely song! No I don't want to be 18 again.... I feel amazing now with 53 !I felt amazing in all ages - Life is a beautiful gift!
    Happy T-Day!

  8. interesting tea post- sad song though. I wouldn't go back-am happy just the way things are. Happy T day!

  9. Nope, I wouldn't want to be 18 again. It was hard enough the 1st time! Happy T-day, D!

  10. Lovely melody.
    There are some things I might tell 18 year old me
    HOWEVER she probably would not listen HAH...
    being here in the now is a gift and I am grateful for it
    Happy T Day

  11. I wouldn't be 18 again, but I think 25 is the ideal age. Great memories from then, and I was learning so much then, too. This is a terrific tune to celebrate T this week, dear. As always, your knowledge of songs that have a drink in them astounds me. Thanks for sharing it for Tuesday T.

  12. Happy T day.
    I wouldn't like to go back to being 18 again, but I don't think I would ever change the passage of my life over the years.
    Each day is a bonus and the memories are second to none.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Well I know what I will be humming myself to sleep with now! I love Judy Tzuke! Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. Sweet song, but I wouldn't want to go back either. I have earned these years and what knowledge I have gleaned from the good and bad times. :)

  15. I agree...going back in time and reliving it either way would not be worth the effort.

  16. do not wish i were 18 either... oh no!!!
    happy belated t-day:)

  17. I don't know this song, but its perfect for T day. I'm a bit late-its been a couple of busy days. Hugs-erika