Sunday, April 30, 2017

Big River Crossing

We parked at Tom Lee Park (pictured above facing north) and walked south to the Harahan Bridge where the Big River Crossing is. Here's the view as we approached:

It is closed overnight but open til 10:00 PM and well-lit. We were there mid-day. You get a great view of downtown Memphis.

The railings are high enough to make the most skittish person feel secure. Here I am on my tiptoes:

You can see the pyramid and the "M" bridge in the distance. The view really is stunning!

The Memphis side is up on a bluff, but the bridge on the Arkansas side is over lowlands for a while before you get to the picnic area on that end of the bridge.

This video is a short history of the Harahan bridge that includes aerial views of the new pedestrian crossing :

This is night video of a round-trip bike crossing:

This is such a wonderful addition to our downtown!


  1. Cool! I love seeing where people live and other places. The big river is really big in Memphis, isn't it? I've seen it in St Louis years ago but I guess being south of that city the river is even bigger. I've also seen it in New Orleans where its really big. And I'm glad I am not the only short person who blogs. :) Happy rest of your weekend. Hugs-erika

    1. Short people unite! :)

      Yes, the Big Muddy is very wide here, about a mile, I think.

  2. I used to be almost 5'2" but now am 5'1"--LOL! The bike ride in the dark was a bit eerie in places, but cool! Lots of history there. :)

    1. And you're still taller than I am lol.

      I haven't seen it at night, but I think they sometimes use colored lighting. There is a lot of history surrounding this bridge. I think the crossing was a great idea!