Monday, February 13, 2017

Tai Chi videos

I love Tai Chi and have an on-again, off-again relationship with a class here in town. When I don't have a class I do some Tai Chi at home, using some of the short videos available on youtube or either of the two DVDs I have.

Below are some of the shorter offerings.

There's a 8-minute video featuring Don Fiore here:

This 15-minute video provides instruction in Tai Chi walking:

The embedding feature has been disabled, but you can see (and work with) a woman practicing the 24 form in this 9-minute video at youtube.

This video emphasizes Tai Chi as an aid to stronger bones:

There are a number of videos that I use part of, skipping the introductory material at the beginning once I've watched the complete video once. These are by Dr. Paul Lam:
I liked these 2 men's presentation so much I bought a DVD of each of them.


  1. I will watch these as soon as I get my computer that accepts both Vimeo and YouTube type videos. I am so ready, but Scott tells me the cables he ordered several weeks ago have not arrived yet.

    1. This must be sooo frustrating! To be so close to your new computer, and yet so far :(

  2. I've often thought I need to Tai Chi or Yoga. But the one thing I like to do is walk, and walk, and walk. I think after watching the beginners video I should try this. Happy Valentine' day.

    1. There is a lot of stylized walking movement in Tai Chi, which may be why I like it :) Happy Valentines Day! I may not get a T Tuesday post up at all today, since it's not done yet *sigh*