Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cruel Ghost Legend

Cruel Ghost Legend is a 1968 Japanese horror film. This is a revenge tale involving a blood curse. This is a good movie, but it moves a little more slowly than I'd like.

via Youtube:

Reviews are all but non-existent. Weird Wild Realm has a plot synopsis.


  1. HMMM. Guess I'll pass on this one, since I'm not big on horror stories or films.

    1. There are so many different kinds of horror movies, and I like some but not others. I do like the eerie ghost stories but not so much the gory slashers. The westerns are fun for me as are some of the zombie or monster movies (especially those Dracula & Creature from the Black Lagoon & werewolf & mummy oldies). I have a soft spot for ones like the one in this post that are Asian ghost stories. It's most romance movies I turn my nose up at ;)