Monday, February 06, 2017

Ghost of Chibusa Enoki

screenshot from

Ghost of Chibusa Enoki is a 1958 Japanese ghost story about a ruthless ronin who rapes a woman and murders her husband. He lives to regret it, as is so often the case in these stories.

I watched this film online, but now I can't even find a trailer. I can't find it for sale. That's a real shame.

Reviews are few and far between, but the film itself is only 45 minutes long, so it won't take long to check it out for yourself. If you can find it.


  1. These are stories many want to bury. Anytime the word rape is involved, it seems like, regardless, we put our heads in the sand. A different time, a different place, but a continuing cover-up.

    1. And films of that length don't market well I think. They'd have to package it with something else.