Saturday, February 06, 2016

Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Rehearsal is a 1932 British romantic comedy, directed by Alexander Korda. It's the story of a wealthy, middle-aged bachelor whose mother threatens to cut off his money unless he marries. His plan is to marry off all the suitable young women to other suitors, and his befuddled bumbling in avoidance of matrimony is the substance of the plot.

Pleasant-enough, but it won't make it onto my re-watchable list.

I watched this free at Hulu, but it's currently unavailable there. I can't even find a trailer online. I can't find it for sale anywhere, either. Apparently, you're out of luck unless you want to pay for a video subscription service. But, I do have to say you're not missing that much.

Rotten Tomatoes has no critics score, and the audience score is 33%.

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