Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Naked Edge

The Naked Edge is a 1961 thriller starring Gary Cooper and Deborah Kerr as George and Martha Radcliffe. Hermione Gingold is in this, too. This was Cooper's last film. He died in May of 1961, a week after his 60th birthday. He had converted to Catholicism in 1959 (his wife and daughter were Catholic). In his last public statement he said, "I know that what is happening is God's will. I am not afraid of the future."

After having heard her husband provide the deciding testimony in a murder trial, Martha Radcliffe begins to suspect that it was actually her husband who had committed the crime.

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The 1961 NYT review sadly says, "old Coop deserved something better to ring down the curtain on his career."


  1. I'e never seen this but it sounds quite good. And I agree with you about the new X Files-they have really kept it true while making it current. have a great day!

    1. I wish there were going to be more than just, what? 6 new episodes? I'd love more :)