Friday, January 09, 2015

Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait

Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait is a 2007 Korean/Vietnamese horror film. It has a ghost/possession/revenge plot. I like this. I find it relentless, with a lot of atmosphere.

via Youtube: says, "it delivers the horror – through atmosphere, suspense, visuals, and jump-scares". says, "Muoi is a serviceable horror film with two or three effective jolts, but the real reason for any viewer to watch it to the finish is to gawk at its two incredibly beautiful lead actresses."


  1. For some reason, I couldn't get the video to load. My problem, not something from your end.

    Glad you enjoyed the film, and I bet it wasn't because of the two beautiful actresses, either!

    1. They are beautiful lol, but it's not the primary attraction for me.