Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Dead Man's Bounty (Summer Love)

Dead Man's Bounty (Summer Love) is a 2006 Polish western starring Val Kilmer as the dead man. This is my 2nd viewing. The Younger Son has seen it several times. The Husband and The Daughter hate and despise this film, saying it is too gory. Too gory? This condemnation from people who give every appearance of enjoying Game of Thrones episodes? Really? The Husband spent the entire film with his hand shielding his face, and The Daughter questions her ability to sleep after seeing it. *sigh*

The film is about a small town (a tiny town -3 buildings) where all hell breaks loose when a stranger comes to claim the $500 bounty on the dead man he has in tow. The Younger Son and I think it qualifies as a comedy with a happy ending, but your mileage may vary.


DVD Verdict calls it "the product of a gifted visual filmmaker," says, "I don't think I've seen such a consistently acted genre picture in a while" and concludes, "any fan of Westerns since The Wild Bunch should probably see this picture." Westerns All Italiana has a plot description. Rotten Tomatoes has a 38% critics rating, which just goes to show how clueless critics can be.


  1. A Polish Western with Val Kilmer? And gory? That´s four reasons to hesitate. Your enthusiasm is what speaks in its favour. I thought not, but the trailer actually looks promising. If it comes my way I shall not reject it.

    I recently recorded "Red" because you had recommended it, and we enjoyed it so much the husband (who adores Mirren) insisted that we save it for future mindless watching.

    1. I'm glad you liked Red. The sequel is worth watching if you liked the first one. We tend to like action movies, and I think RED is a fun concept.