Friday, October 10, 2014

The Eye (2002)

The Eye is a 2002 Hong Kong horror film. The Pang brothers, who made 2 sequels, direct. I like the style. It's slow developing, but it doesn't have any trouble maintaining your interest. I found this movie extremely sad. I cried during this one.

I saw the re-make Naina last year.

from Wikipedia:
Blind since the age of two, 20-year-old Hong Kong classical violinist Mun undergoes an eye cornea transplant after receiving a pair of new eyes from a donor. Initially, she is glad to have her sense of sight restored but becomes troubled when she starts seeing mysterious figures that seem to foretell gruesome deaths.

DVD Talk says,
The Eye succeeds in simple quick scares heightened by some disturbing visuals that remain unsettling without turning to gore. The Pang Bros. definitely have that old school Robert Wise The Haunting sense of nightmarish eye cnady combined with perfect auditory fx to make you jump in your seat a little.
Scary Minds closes its review with this:
The Eye is a horror movie which understands exactly what that means. Firstly it has to try and scare the audience rather than grossing them out, and secondly it has to work as an actual movie, with plot, themes, character development etc. The Pangs deliver on all fronts and this film is more than highly recommended, it’s one of those elusive must see movies in the dark genre. If you don’t think ghosts are scary any more, then let the Pang Bros re-educate you on that point. says, "The Eye starts strong and never lets up" and calls it "a highly effective and well made horror/mystery/thriller". Rotten Tomatoes has a critics score of 64%, but the audience score is higher.


  1. Great time of year for it!

    1. I've become a real fan of Asian horror. I agree this time of the year is the very best for it.:)