Sunday, October 26, 2014

Night of the Demon

Night of the Demon is a 1957 horror film directed by Jacques Tourneur and starring Dana Andrews (always a draw), Peggy Cummins, Niall MacGinnis, Maurice Denham, Athene Seyler, Liam Redmond (who was in an Elvis movie), Reginald Beckwith, Ewan Roberts (who was in The Man in the White Suit and The Day of the Triffids), Rosamund Greenwood (who was in Village of the Damned in 1960 and The Witches in 1990), Brian Wilde (who was "Foggy" Dewhurst in Last of the Summer Wine), and Percy Herbet (whose many films include One Million Years B.C.). Cut to 83 minutes (or maybe 81?), it was released in the U.S. as Curse of the Demon.

This is a classic eerie-not-gory horror film and well worth watching:

DVD Talk has a review of a disc that includes both versions and says, "Night of the Demon is the version to watch". DVD Journal says it's considered a classic and that it belongs "on any list of Top 10 Favorite Understated Scary Movies". Time Out calls it "One of the finest thrillers made in England during the '50s" and describes it as "immensely gripping". Empire Online gives it 4 out of 5 stars and says,
Even now there is little doubt that Night Of The Demon packs a powerful punch despite featuring no gore or, demon excepted, much in the way of special effects. Actually, it is the film's atmosphere of calm, almost twee, post-war British normality which works so well. Tourneur cranks up the tension as Holden — and, in turn, the audience — comes to realise that horror can lurk in the most unlikely places.
Rotten Tomatoes has a 100% critics score.

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