Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Devoured: The Legend of Alfred Packer

Devoured: The Legend of Alfred Packer is a 2005 horror film referencing the story of prospector and purported cannibal Alferd Packer, who was convicted of manslaughter in 1886 and sentenced to 40 years in prison. This Troma production actually has little to do with the Packer events and focuses on murders that happened long after his time. This film is dreadful, fully deserving its 0% (yes, 0%!) rating from Rotten Tomatoes. I didn't finish it, and I rarely refuse to finish a film.

via youtube:

I'd never heard of Packer, but he's been the subject of several pop-culture treatments. It's mentioned in a conversation in Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man. There are a couple of songs about him. One is a humorous song from Phil Ochs -"The Ballad of Alferd Packer"- which tells the tale:

"That county had 6 Democrats until he did arrive. Well only one lives on today; he ate the other 5."

C.W. McCall wrote "Comin' Back for More" about Packer:

"It was Al Packer's legendary, coronary, fast-food cannibal bar and buffet."


  1. This sounds rather gory, but funny, too. Liked the democrat line.

    1. There's an interesting amount of humor embedded in the horror community. I wonder how it got there.