Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Prisoner

We finished The Prisoner tv series tonight. It stars Patrick McGoohan. Two of the 3 other actors that appear multiple times are Angelo Muscat, who plays The Butler and is in 14 episodes, and Leo McKern, who plays Number Two in 3 episodes. McKern is a particular favorite around here.

AMCTV has them online here. The first episode is here:

There is an official appreciation society here.

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  1. Anonymous4:00 AM

    This is one of those "Let's ask more questions then provide answers for" series that simply can't retain my attention. I appreciate the effort but I never consider this (sadly, now standard) tactic for television series as anything other then a heartless gimmick to get people to continue to watch what would otherwise be a standard or substandard show. I suppose, though, if you're the "first" or, at least, the first to successfully employ the gimmick then you get the benefits of leaving a legacy as being a trendsetter.