Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Murder Against the Grain

Murder Against the Grain is the 6th book in Emma Lathen's John Putnam Thatcher series of mysteries. This one won the Gold Dagger Award in 1967. It's dated, but I treated it like I would a book of historical fiction. It appears to be out of print, and I bought my copy at my local used book store.

from the back of the book:
Someone has swindled Sloan Guaranty Trust out of a million dollars-and closed the deal with blood!

When Sloan agreed to finance a U.S.-Soviet wheat sale, the inimitable John Putnam Thatcher didn't bank on a master forger cashing in on the deal. Then a delivery of fake documents left Sloan holding the bag - and the short fuse of an international crisis!

One suspect was found shot dead on the steps of the Russian Consulate. Now, as the Cuban Navy enters New York Harbor, and a performing troop of Russian otters merrily assembles a three-stage rocket, Thatcher must sift the elusive truth from the flying chaff - and stop the deadly scythe of this mysterious grim reaper!

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