Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Bruce Conner

Today is the anniversary of the death in 2008 of artist and filmmaker Bruce Conner. The LA Times covers a recent retrospective of his films. There is a transcript from a 1973 interview here. Obits: NYTimes, The Guardian

His first film A Movie (1958, 11:40) is viewable online here. Reviews: Only the Cinema
The film is associational, in which a number of narratively and spatially unrelated shots from a number of sources are edited together to evoke emotions and make thematic points (from the Wikipedia entry)

Vivian (1965, 2:41) can be watched online here, a series of images of "Vivian" against an unknown version of the song Mona Lisa.

Ten Second Film (1965):

Bruce Conner Ten Second Film - Click here for more home videos

Breakaway (1966, 4:59):

Toni Basil dancing both in various outfits and nude to her own singing of the title song

The White Rose (1967, 7:29) can be viewed online here. "Jay DeFeo started painting The White Rose in 1957. The unfinished painting was removed from her studio in 1965."

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