Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today The Younger Son and I attended Lugh. This is our second time to attend Lugh and our 3rd local event. We hadn't intended on attending Feast because we had thought it was scheduled for late in the afternoon, but it turned out to be planned for 1. The Younger Son won the rapier tournament, and so he was invited (I was included in the invitation) to sit at the head table with Their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness. They were most gracious hosts and made us feel quite welcome.

I didn't see any notice of presentations by the Herbal Guild today, so I've given in and requested to join the Yahoogroup they use. There aren't many posts at the group site, but I am interested in learning about them and may have better luck there than at events.

I saw some beautiful garb at the event. It makes me wish that I either could sew or had lots of money.

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