Friday, November 06, 2015

Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural

Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural is a 1975 horror film. This is a creepy little piece, with vampires and a little blond, blue-eyed 13-year-old picture of innocence who is lured to their camp. I liked the weirdness of this one. It's definitely worth re-watching.

via Youtube:

DVD Talk says, "The production masterstroke was the casting of seventeen year-old Cheryl Smith as the virginal innocent Lila Lee, a daughter of scandal lured to her doom by the matriarchal vampiress Lemora" and declares: "An imaginative script, a fine central performance and a willingness to venture into taboo subject matter." DVD Verdict calls it "one of the best vampire films ever made". Weird Wild Realm says,
A notorious film in its day, the Catholic Film Board had it on their list of condemned movies for two decades. Today it seems not so daring but is nevertheless a powerful low-budget film with the intimations of the preacher having molested the child Lila, & the lesbianism between Lemora (Leslie Gilb) & Lila is discomfiting to say the least, since Lila is only thirteen years old.
It has a critics rating of 86% at Rotten Tomatoes.


  1. I speed-watched this during lunch, and I think it has great atmosphere. I became curious about the lead actress, thinking I had seen her before, but now I think she just reminded me of some other cute little blond woman. What a sad life she seems to have had.

    1. It's a shame she didn't have better help with her addiction.