Saturday, January 17, 2015

Glen and Randa

Glen and Randa is a 1971 post-apocalyptic film, rated X back then because of some incidental full nudity. The movie is almost scary in its portrayal of a culture brought low, where knowledge has to be achieved starting from the basics. The main character, on seeing a car up in a tree in the first scene, says, "You ever been looking down on a leaf and all of a sudden a butterfly came flying out of it? Well, maybe it's the same way with cars. Maybe cars become trees the same way leaves become butterflies." So sad. "What are we gonna eat when the cans run out?" An excellent question.


Moria says it "is actually very good science-fiction in that it is about viewing the everyday and familiar through eyes to whom it is alien." DVD Talk says, "The movie attracted plenty of positive reviews, yet it has remained relatively obscure." The NYTimes says, ""Glen and Randa" is neither a successful nor an entertaining movie, but it is sober, and what mind it has is high." The Village Voice says, "The vision of a post-apocalyptic America is all the more poignant in that the on-the-road counterculture that created it is long, long gone."

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