Saturday, June 23, 2018

Favorite Record Albums

I've been seeing this on FB, but I honestly don't have many favorites record albums from the popular music of my youth. I do have some albums I fondly remember, though, and I thought I'd share them -in no particular order- here.

I bought a Gregorian Chant album in the mid-1970s that is no longer available. I can still picture it in my mind and hear it in my head, and it still brings me peace. I'd love to find that particular album, but in the absence of that I'll offer this from Spotify:


Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano:

Amtrak Blues:

Deep Breakfast:

Teaser and the Firecat:


Kind of Blue:


Laura Nyro, The First Songs

Have you heard of any of them?


  1. I enjoyed the tiny taste of the Gregorian Chants. I have heard of and like Cat Stevens, Carol King, and Miles Davis, but never heard of the others. This was a fun and different way to start my Saturday.

    1. It's been taking FB by storm, but I haven't played there. Like the movie thing that's been adopted by bloggers on Saturday afternoons :)

  2. I do like some Gregorian chants at times, and Carole King's Tapestry album is one of my all time favorites too. I don't know Ray Lynch or Alberta Hunter (at least by name).Nice collection of music. Hugs-Erika

    1. Tapestry just never gets old, does it. Ray Lynch is more obscure, I think, but Alberta Hunter made a splash when she came out of retirement to re-enter the music world. She has a Memphis connection :)

  3. I have some Gregorian chants, Deep Breakfast and something else by Ray Lynch, a couple Cat Stevens--but they are on cassettes. I have a lot of instrumental relaxation music. One of my favorites is Music To Disappear In by Raphael. I used them when I did energy work in Minneapolis before I moved up here to Fargo, but I still listen to a few I have on CDs and I love the Liquid Mind station on Pandora. :)

    1. I had some Laura Nyro on cassette, but the others were on vinyl. Now, there's Spotify lol I'll check out the Raphael you recommend. Thx!

  4. I remember when the Gregorian Chants were a big thing in the late 70's early 80's.Heard of Miles Davis,never really listened to him,and remember your earlier post about Laura Nyro.
    My older brother and I shared a bedroom as kids and one or the other of us owned Tapestry,Teaser and the Firecat.

    If you like teaser you should try Tea for the Tillerman.

    I memory serves I believe Breakaway was Garfunkel's second solo effort, Watermark got much more critical acclaim.

    Blasts from the past.

    Favorite music is such a mood sensitive thing it is really challenging to pick just ten artist or albums, sometimes I might say Blood Sweat and Tears and another day I might say Warren Zevon.

    1. My first Gregorian Chant album was bought in my college's book store. I'm glad to see there's so much of it still available. I loved Tea for the Tillerman, too. I'm glad Cat Stevens is back on the music scene. I was sad when he left. My favorite Garfunkel song is Waters of March, which is why I picked Breakaway. I like his voice. I didn't participate in this when it appeared on FB, because favorite albums is an impossible category. Albums that evoke strong emotion and memory for so long are easier for me to name.