Sunday, August 09, 2015


Repast is a 1951 film directed by Mikio Naruse and starring Setsuko Hara and Ken Uehara. It's the story of a marriage with the focus on the wife's trials as she copes with the everyday drudgery. I enjoyed the flow of this, the gradual revelation of the characters.

I can't find trailer or clips online, much less find access to the entire film.

Slant Magazine opens its reiew with this:
The Japanese title for director Mikio Naruse's Repast is Meshi, commonly defined as "meal" or "to eat or feast," though my Japanese-to-English dictionary also offers two alternate translations: "a summons" or "to call." It's a multi-layered double entendre, all-too-easily lost in translation, that evokes matters both of spirit and of flesh, and it similarly illustrates one of Naruse's thematic constants, namely the oft-devastating push-and-pull between things mortal and metaphysical.


  1. When I hear the word Repast, I also think of a meal. I was delighted to see how words often cannot be literally translated. Glad you shared this excerpt.

    1. So much gets lost in translation I was glad to see the explanation at Slant. I always wonder what they're _really_ saying when I read those subtitles.