Friday, August 07, 2015

Blood Is the Color of Night

Blood Is the Color of Night (no Wikipedia entry) is a 1964 Philippine vampire film dubbed in English and released in 1966 as The Blood Drinkers. Color is important in this film, with lots of red and blue lighting, depending on what's going on in the scene. By no means a classic of any sort, I still found the emphasis on Jesus, faith and prayer to be an interesting element.


Reviews are rare.


  1. And in the end, poor Katrina didn't get her sister's heart after all. Rather spooky and strange, but the various colors and sepia tones helped contribute to that. Thanks for reviewing this.

    1. The color does make the movie, I think. It's certainly not just another vampire film, and I wonder how much of that is because of where it was made. Different cultures have a different perspective, and this does have a unique atmosphere, I think.