Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Coffee and Tea

The Pink Palace is a Memphis treasure. There's a history here. My Mother took me here all through my childhood, and we took our kids here (with my mother along most of the time) throughout their childhoods. The museum has changed over time, sometimes drastically, and right now it's in the middle of a major renovation bringing big new changes within the next year or so.

The Daughter was interested in seeing Wicked Plants, an interesting and spookily staged exhibit about plants which have some undesirable attributes. The museum says, "Meet some of Mother Nature’s most appalling creations!" Fascinating. From kudzu to nightshade to peas, from poison ivy to curare to potatoes. We think it would be fun around Halloween, but it's a temporary exhibit and will leave in September. There's a photo tour at this link.

Afterwards, we bought lunch at the Bella Caffe and took it to a picnic table on the front lawn:

I had a chicken salad sandwich, chips, and unsweet iced tea. The Daughter had the turkey club, chips, and sweet tea. For dessert afterwards, we found Kay's Bakery. They don't seem to have a web page, but there's a Facebook page here. We had never been there, and didn't know what to expect:

We were spoiled for choice, as their offerings were varied and delicious-looking. There were tables inside but no coffee, so we brought our treats back here to our patio:

So for lunch that day, I had iced tea and coffee. And fun with The Daughter with happy memories from both our childhoods. Build happy memories now, people; they will serve you well in the future.

Please join the gathering over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog where we share a beverage. Elizabeth is also sharing her recent trip to the zoo, and that's worth clicking through to see.


  1. It is fun to revisit places the family has visited over the years isn't it? I really like that blue mug and plate.


  2. I should NEVER take time to visit your links. I got caught up in the photos of the exhibit, as well as the rest of the museum. What a fun place that must be to visit. I can see why you went with your family.

    You had a real feast for lunch. Looks like a lovely place to visit and eat. Of course, I enjoyed that you had both iced tea and coffee. It's fun when you don't have to choose! Thanks for sharing this really, really fun experience with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Must have been a very interesting exhibition - wicked plants...lol... great!
    Your lunch looks great!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. That plant exhibit sure would fit the bill for a spooky Halloween feature.
    Very interesting!
    Thanks for sharing these sweet memories.
    Building happy memories is definitely what makes life rich and special!
    Happy August and Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. thank you for your visit and nice comment at my Magpie's Nest for T today. That bird china was my parents German (Winterling) set that they used every day. The cups are still like new though because they were hardly used at all.

  5. Sounds like a fun place to visit! the Wicked plants sound fascinating, and what a fun way to display them. I love that it's so interactive and you aren't kept behind a railing to view it! ...and love me some baked goods~ YUM!
    happy T Tuesday!

  6. Thank you for sharing the Pink Museum and its wicked plants exhibition. I loved looking at the photos and I can imagine the kids loved it (I would have too).
    My eyes were attracted to the Kay's panaderia. My husband's surname is Kay plus that it is all written in Spanish (we live in Spain). Do they speak Spanish in Memphis?
    Thank you for visiting earlier,
    Have a good T for Tuesday,

    1. There is a large Hispanic population in Memphis. I don't speak Spanish, but many here do. We have the best variety of Mexican restaurants! :)

  7. This does look a really interesting museum. . . so good that you and your daughter had a good day - I love that kind of extended lunch! Happy T day! Chrisx

  8. I like the idea of learning about wicked plants--LOL! ;) I'm a sucker for baked goods. Looks delicious--could almost smell it. Happy T-Day! :)

  9. I think i would like that exhibit at the museum too... ! That bakery looks YUM!!!! So wonderful that you and your daughter had a fabulous time together! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  10. This museum sounds like a fun place to visit......I do like a good museum, and such lush green grounds.

    I can smell the goodies in that bakery, and my shorts have just become too tight....LOL

    Thanks for coming by for tea this week and for the lovely comment, hope to have a picture of the new GD next week.

    Happy T-day

  11. Walking with dinosaurs and a planetarium? I'd go! Sounds like a great place.

    1. It's great for kids, but is one of those museums that's fun for everybody else, too.

  12. I'd like to visit this museum. It's cool!