Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hosta Trail

It's been 6 weeks or so since I went, but I wanted to share these photos of the Hosta Trail at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. The Mid-South Hosta Society website says,
The Memphis Botanic Gardens “Hosta Trail” was certified by the American Hosta Society in 2006 as the 15th AHS National Display Garden in the United States. The Hosta Trail is only the second garden in the south recognized by the AHS with this honor. ... The beds have been organized by the MSHS with an educational theme based upon the geographical area where the hosta was developed or discovered.

There's a meandering trail through the various beds, and it's beautiful whether you're close to the plants or looking from a distance.

There was a raised bed for the miniature hostas,

but some of the larger plants had flower stalks reaching over 4 feet high:

While I was there I also noticed the coleus looking colorful:

And there was a new-to-me sculpture in the sculpture garden:

It is by Memphis artist Roy Tamboli and is called Neutrinos and Neutrino Impression.

One of the highlights of this garden trip was my discovery that they've brought in a mate for the single swan they've had for a while. They looked so lovely out there on the lake:


  1. What a lovely garden! And swans, the are a most romantic animal, aren't they?

    1. I'm a bit worried about the swans now that they have a breeding pair. The geese are aggressive and attack when nesting. I've heard swans are even more territorial. I'm good at keeping my distance, but I've seen some surprised children running from the geese.

  2. I always enjoy any photos I see of hostas, because they were the first plants I planted in my front yard even before it became a "flower bed." The fact they are perfect for shady areas make them ideal under trees. You photographed some real beauties, and some lovely landscaping. My hostas have bloomed for the first time in several years, and I had almost forgotten about those tall blooms like you showed in your photo.

    That sculpture is lovely. I like the design. But I was surprised about the swan, since I understood they mate for life. How did the Botanical Gardens find one that was "single?"

    1. I don't know where they got it. There are plenty of places around that sell them. I noticed there were 2 there and asked at the desk how long it had been there. It was a recent addition, but I didn't ask where it came from. I'm wondering what they'll do if they have babies.