Sunday, January 27, 2013

The New Couch

The cat destroyed our old couch some time ago. And I don't just mean some scratches, no, not at all. Our cat deposited some bodily excreta that left remnants that could not be either fought or lived with. We tried everything. Nothing worked. It's some comfort that the couch was bought used almost 30 years ago for $75, but still we were fond of that couch. Black naugahyde, it was. Remember naugahyde? Many a nauga gave its life so we could sit in comfort, and now the couch is gone. Gone! So sad.

The search for a new couch has taken longer than I would have thought possible. For years we have searched and researched. We have such a small spot for it, but we need it to let me stretch out a bit and leave room for a chair next to it. I'm still surprised at how big furniture is these days. Everything's over-sized with big frames and big rolled arms and soft I've-fallen-in-and-I-can't-stand-up cushions. That's suitable for big suburban McMansions but not for our little city townhouse. Not what we wanted. Not what we needed.

What we've finally found is the American Leather Natasha full-sized sofa sleeper in mahogany (a dark brown). It's only 64" long, but the arms are quite narrow giving a lot more seating space (and stretching out space) than we found on most other sofas. I had wanted something a bit more modern looking, but getting this style allows us to get back out our braided rugs that we had stored when we thought The Grandmother was going to be moving in with us. I have been looking at dark gray couches, but when we saw this we really liked it. And again, the color looks good with the braided rug.

It also cost a lot more than we expected, so some of the other projects we'd hope to accomplish this year will be postponed. But that's OK. I think we found The Perfect Couch (for us). Made even more perfect, though The Husband and The Younger Son roll their eyes and laugh, by a blanket and a couple of pillows:



  1. Furniture is such a personal thing, isn´t it? Our couches came from mother-in-law and I resisted them for years, because they were so uncomfortable to sit in. Then she moved to a smaller place and her angst over what to do with them became more than I could bear, so I said yes, as our old ones were giving up anyway. And after a year of fidgeting with cushions, I finally figured out how to sit in them. And now I love them. They are three pieces of burgundy leather sofas&chair from the 70´s and they will probably last our lifetimes...

    1. yes, we had no idea it would take so long to find what we (and that really means "i" because the husband was fine with whatever) wanted. and we never did find what i was originally looking for. we are liking this one, so that's good.

      the wing-back love-seat that's been our only "couch" for years now is a piece that a cousin passed along to my mother back when i was little. we make furniture last around here ;)