Friday, January 04, 2013

Die Hard 2

I had never seen this one, so it was a real treat. It's less a Christmas movie than the first one, since the first one had an actual Christmas party while this only has a few Christmas decorations at the airport, but it's good enough for me.

Die Hard 2 has Bruce Willis fighting terrorists at a snowy airport while his wife is stuck in a plane running out of fuel and not allowed to land. Colm Meany (who has a Star Trek connection) is a pilot on one of the many planes in a holding pattern. William Sadler (who has a Star Trek connection) is the head terrorist. Robert Costanza (who has a Star Trek connection) is a cop.

Icicle as weapon! This does not end well. The movie, on the other hand, ends well with the good guys soundly defeating the bad guys with explosions all 'round and plenty of overflowing goodwill. Bruce Willis has been fun in everything I've seen him in.


DVD Talk calls it "a really tight, solid film that has plenty of phenomenal action sequences, a solid script and an excellent performance by Bruce Willis." Rolling Stone concludes, "However impressively made, Die Hard 2 begins to wear thin. Though the follow-up is bigger, it's not really better. The surprise is missing." EW gives it a B- and says, "Willis once again makes an appealing superhero." Roger Ebert says, ""Die Hard 2" is as unlikely as the Bond pictures, and as much fun" and calls it "terrific entertainment". Rotten Tomatoes scores it at 65%.

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