Monday, January 28, 2013

1 (2009 film)

1 (2009) is a Pater Sparrow adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's book Library of 21st Century (Biblioteka XXI wieku, 1986) translated as One Human Minute. There's some information at this site.

Wikipedia has a plot description that begins with this:
A bookshop renowned for its rare works is mysteriously and completely filled with copies of a book entitled 1, which doesn't appear to have a publisher or author. The strange almanac describes what happens to the whole of humanity in the space of a minute. A police investigation begins and the bookshop staff are placed in solitary confinement...

A little over an hour in there's a short clip of a Tasmanian tiger. The entire movie is bizarre. What is reality?

via youtube:

"You have to close your eyes to see."

Quiet Earth rates it 9 out of 10 and says, "this is one of the most brilliant films I've ever seen".

HT: Quiet Earth

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