Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tron: Legacy

We've had this dvd for a long time but have never watched it. I'm not sure why it never made it to the top of the stack, but now we have seen it. Tron: Legacy is a sequel to Tron and also stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. The CLU character, who is the Jeff Bridges character in the Grid, hasn't aged and is computer generated using the face of a younger Bridges. To me, he looks disconcerting like Charming from the Shrek movies; I found the likeness so striking it was distracting.

The movie is a lot of fun to watch, and is a fitting sequel. We're pretending we don't care where these peoples' physical bodies are, right? or how the being who evolved on the grid pops out into our world in new clothes and rides a motorcycle, right? 'Cause otherwise, the film's a mess and can't be understood.


Moria says, "Certainly, in terms of its designs and visual effects, Tron Legacy is a complete triumph" and praises the music, but adds, "On the other hand, Tron Legacy works far less in terms of a story (mindedly, that is a complaint that one could also make of Tron)" and concludes, "Like too many other films, it is a triumph of look and visuals but weakly strains at finding anything to say in terms of ideas." Slate begins, "I would rather be bombarded with neon Frisbees than watch this movie again." Slant Magazine concludes, "TRON: Legacy is the sort of spectacle that makes people go to the movies and it looks spectacular on Blu-ray." Roger Ebert says, ""Tron: Legacy," a sequel made 28 years after the original but with the same actor, is true to the first film: It also can't be understood, but looks great." It get a 50% score at Rotten Tomatoes.

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