Monday, June 25, 2012

Best Obscure Science Fiction Films

SF Signal offers a link to's list of 10 Must-See Sci-Fi Films You’ve Probably Never Heard Of:

1. ‘Alphaville’ (1965)
2. ‘Cosmos: War of the Planets’ (1966)
3. ‘Demon Seed’ (1977)
4. ‘Ikarie XB-1′ (1963)
5. ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ (1982)
6. ‘La Planete Sauvage’ (1972)
7. ‘The Quiet Earth’ (1985)
8. ‘Stalker’ (1972)
9. ‘Stereo’ (1969) & ‘Crimes of the Future’ (1970)
10. ‘Zardoz’ (1974)

I've seen the 6 that are in bold print.


  1. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I am 0 for 10.
    -- A Pal

  2. i can fix that for you, ya know....

  3. Anonymous12:54 AM

    I've seen all except Stereo, Crimes of the Future and Ikarie (thanks for those - will look up). War of the Planets is an Italian sci-fi B-movie with nothing to recommend it beyond the mighty spectacle of its sheer awfulness: a confused mess of editing, terrible acting, dreadful pacing and an unhinged and often unfathomable plot (which sounds a lot more entertaining than it is). Koyaanisqatsi isn't a science fiction film, but it is superb. Salker is two hours of epic Russian nothing happening - it's quite possible one has to be stoned to enjoy hours of rambling pseudo-philosophical dialogue fully and not notice it writes cheques it never cashes - very atmospheric though with excellent cinematography. Quiet Earth is a brilliant sci-fi from New Zealand; the end is haunting. Zardoz - get to see Sean Connery naked *shudder*.

  4. i agree about Cosmos: War of the Planets. slow. painfully, painfully slow.

    but i dearly love stalker. i've watched it twice online over the years and would like to have the dvd. i'm not sure exactly why i like it so much. i think it's visually striking even on my old 15" laptop and would love to see it on the bigger tv screen.

    i know i started watching quiet earth but can't for the life of me remember the ending. i remember not liking it much, but it sounds like i might want to give it another chance.

    zardoz, now... i'd like to reserve a night for a double feature with it and barbarella. i haven't seen either.