Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sabata is a 1969 Lee Van Cleef spaghetti western, and we always love Lee Van Cleef. The last time I was in Spin Street The Younger Son found the Sabata trilogy set for less than Sabata alone usually costs, so I picked it up. We watched the first one soon after, because it's Lee Van Cleef!

You can watch it online at metacafe:

DVD Talk says, "The Sabata films are acceptable Spaghetti thrillers that never approach the quality of the Leone films." Fistful of Pasta says, "If you're looking for a concoction of tongue-in-cheek humor and violent action, Sabata may well be the movie you're looking for: they don't get much better than this." One reviewer opens with this:
Every now and again something comes along that has no business being wonderful but somehow or other manages to do it with seeming effortlessness. Sabata is a prime example of such an entity.
Another reviewer at concludes:
Sabata is one of my personal favorite Spaghetti Westerns because it is filled with really interesting and colorful characters and I think Parolini's twists on this already offbeat genre are fresh and fun. Composer Marcello Giamibini's score for Sabata is no doubt influenced by Morricone's work, but it still has a unique flavor that genre fans will appreciate.

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