Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pita Cafe

I pass by this little place all the time and finally decided to go in for supper. The Pita Cafe gets rave reviews online. There's a menu on their Facebook Page.

The proprietor asked if it was our first time and, when we said "yes," recommended -among 2 or 3 possibilities- the #4 Chicken Shawarma Wrap. I picked that. He insisted I try 2 bites before paying just to make sure I liked it, but as I watched him put it together I knew I'd enjoy my meal:

It was wonderful but was too big to eat by myself, so I saved half of it to give to The Daughter when she got home from work. The Younger Son came along and drank some water but doesn't like eating before fencing, so he passed on the food.

The Poor Husband is not a trusting or adventurous eater. The restaurant's owner teased him mercilessly for his choice of plain ol' philly steak and cheese, making it obvious he didn't want to fix it and said he wanted to steer us away from American food. American food is about all The Husband will eat, though, so he stood firm on his boring order. We sat at a little red picnic table in front and watched the traffic while we ate.

The Husband won't be much interested in a return trip, but this would be a great place for me to take The Daughter. Maybe I'll have the gyro next time.

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  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Poor The Husband... Boring Order...
    I like the steadfast part.
    -- A Pal