Saturday, February 13, 2010

Your Star Trek Personality

Wolf Gnards offers the question, "Who is the best Star Trek captain?" and then evaluates your personality based on your choice. I choose Kirk:
Captain James T. Kirk – The Go-Getter

Kirk fans are a bit of a contradiction, they like to live life and they like to live it hard, but in the most out-of-date, predictable ways possible. Chauvinist? Yeah. Drunks? Probably. Pudgy? Almost always. The one thing about Kirk fans that you have to admire is they are not quitters, they are not afraid to fall and they are not afraid to get back up again. And don't get into an argument about who the best Star Trek captain is with them because they will not give an inch. They would rather cheat, lie, and go down in flames than give up.

Why give an inch when Kirk so obviously is the best! People just need help getting past their misconceptions and misunderstandings, but, through persistence, they will see The Truth.

HT: The Zeray Gazette


  1. Hey, it's like NASCAR or country music or pro wrestling. I realize I have my flaws, and I allow others the same courtesy :-P

  2. Oh, but this is _different_. This is more like religion, where one's own opinion is sacred and everyone else is doomed. Doomed! ;)

  3. This isn't NASCAR or pro wrestling or even politics. This is science fiction. It's important, and geeks must argue their perspectives beyond all reasonableness.