Sunday, February 28, 2010

How Millennial are you?

I took the short, 14-question Pew Research online quiz. My results:
Your Millennial score is 52!

The higher your score, the more you have in common with members of the Millennial generation.

Compare your score with that of the typical member of the following generations:

•4 Silent (b. 1928-1945)
•11 Baby Boomer (b. 1946-1964)
•33 Gen Xer (b. 1965-1980)
•73 Millennial (b. 1981+)

I'm a believer in dividing the boomers into earlier and later groups, so that those too young to serve in Vietnam (born in about 1954/1955 or after) are Generation Jones.

HT: Beliefnet

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  1. I got a 24, Born in 59 I guess the test is pretty accurate.