Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's Star Date

According to this web site (via Kinda Unique), today is Star Date -312856.5310121764. Of course, Star Dates were iffy at best as far as continuity goes, so I'm not sure about assigning them to periods in the past.

There are other calculators. TrekGuide gives a Star Date of 63610.3 for today. Memory Alpha has an explanation of Star Dates, and they link to the Trek Guide calculator.

I've just resigned myself to living with the Georgian calendar. And not having a flying car. And never taking the shuttle to the Moon Base or living in the Mars Colony. This is getting depressing...


  1. You simply are not licensed to operate a flying car.

  2. It's just as well. I'm wishing for better public transportation and the ability to get rid of my car completely anyway.