Sunday, February 14, 2010


The first time I saw this movie, it provided many a laugh for The Husband and me when we happened across it on tv. I ran across it again yesterday and couldn't remember anything about it except for the title and the skates. It remains forgettable. Solarbabies is a 1986 post-apocalyptic science fiction about teens on skates. And a glowing ball. And something about water. Charles Durning appears in this.


Moria gives it one star and opens with this: "It’s hard to believe one could come up with much more of a miscalculated idea for an sf film than this." Roger Ebert closes with this:
As image follows image, "Solarbabies" begins to look like an anthology of recent box office hits, derivative, unimaginative and desperate. All I was left with, at the end, was sympathy for the actors and technicians who worked so hard and endured such physical hardship on behalf of producers who couldn't be bothered to supply them with something worth doing.

Million Monkey Theater has an extensive plot summary with screen shots. The New York Times calls it "an embarrassment." AMC has an overview.


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  2. I think that I may have seen this absurd movie back then.