Friday, September 04, 2009

The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg is a 1975 film directed by Robert Wise and starring George C. Scott and Anne Bancroft. Also in this one are Rene Auberjonois (who has a Star Trek connection), Alan Oppenheimer (also with a Star Trek connection), Burgess Meredith and Charles Durning.

Youtube has it online in 13 parts. Embedding is disabled, but the film should autoplay from this link.

The AFI says, "THE HINDENBURG, which depicted the 1937 ill-fated trip of the German blimp, was a great achievement of Wise's technical mastery." MSN has an overview. Roger Ebert gives it 1 star and says,
The movie's so bad I've made a little list. You just can't dismiss it; you linger over it. People stand in the lobby afterward like the survivors of a traffic accident. There was this that went wrong, and that, and . . .


  1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    When released, the studio billed this film as "the next great epic." Modern parlance would call it "epic failure", I guess.
    A Pal

  2. It is one of the most accurate recreations of a historic set in movie history, though.

    Whatever the merits (or lack of merits) of the writing, they did an incredible job recreating the Hindenburg:

  3. That's the difference between the 2 notices I saw. The AFI called it a great technical achievement, and Ebert basically said "epic fail".