Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Concourse is another in the Bill Smith/Lydia Chin mystery series by S.J. Rozan. I'm surprised to see there is still no Wikipedia article on this author. These books and characters have grown on me as I read more of them. Bill Smith is the main character in this one, though Lydia Chin is prominently featured. The author has an excerpt here. She also quotes from a few reviews.

from the back of the book:
It flows through the Bronx like a river between banks of faded elegance. And at the end of the avenue called the Grand Concourse is the place people go to die, the Bronx Home for the Aged. The only trouble is the people dying there are going before their time.

Bill Smith has been hired by an old friend to investigate the brutal killing of a young security guard on the Bronx Home grounds. Going undercover, Smith wades out into a sea of violence and lies washing up against the old brick building. When a second murder is committed, Smith knows that there's a method to the madness. With the help of bright, young Chinese-American investigator Lydia Chin, Smith uncovers a web of corruption that's found a home in the Bronx. Now he has to figure out who will die next.

Bill Smith plays the piano, and it's interesting to note what he's working on during the book and what he comments on in regards to music.

Others I've read from this series:

Reflecting the Sky
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