Sunday, September 06, 2009

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is a 1981 animated science fiction/fantasy anthology film from Canada. Some of the music is fun. The women are totally uninhibited, while the men are interestingly shy. Looks like it was written specifically for adolescent males.

Crackle has it online, although I don't see a way to embed it here. The Crackle FAQ says there's a video menu with an embed option, but I don't see it on this film.

The New York Times has a mixed review but thinks that "for anyone who doesn't think an hour and a half is a long time to spend with a comic book, ''Heavy Metal'' is impressive." Moria says,
the film seems to embody far too much of what was criticized about the Robert E. Howard school of barbarian sword-and-sorcery – of being little more than a teenage empowerment fantasy of brawn and strength, available curvaceous women who disrobe at the drop of a hat and softcore bondage.

The picture at the top of the post is from Wikipedia.

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  1. I loved Heavy Metal. It was a truly pioneering work.