Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SF Movie Remakes

Sigh. I wish they would come up with new ideas. I believe in recycling, but this is ridiculous. It seems they are going to remake The Day the Earth Stood Still, Logan's Run and Tron.

The word I'm reading is that Keanu Reeves will be Klaatu and that this remake is set to be released in 2008. You can watch The Day the Earth Stood Still online:

but each person should have a DVD of their very own.

The Logan's Run remake is set for 2010 according to the IMDB entry. I was in college when the original was released. I loved Michael York as the Sandman. I also liked him as John the Baptist -I thought the casting for Jesus of Narareth was nearly perfect, and as King Arthur on Babylon 5 -I loved that series. I haven't heard yet who will play this part in the remake, but I have heard that it'll stick closer to the original book than to the movie.

We watched Tron not too long ago, knowing Disney was planning a remake. It would be a lot of fun for me if they could re-use some of the actors I've known and loved from both Tron and Babylon 5. I've seen no word yet, though, on who the actors will be.

I've been seeing scattered news of these remakes for ages and don't remember where I first heard any of it. I do know I've seen news lately at Cinematical

/film has a Tron article here.


SFSignal has a Tron article, too.

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