Thursday, September 13, 2007

Logan's Run

Since they are planning a remake of Logan's Run I wanted The Younger Son to see the original. Michael York was the main star in this one, but Peter Ustinov is fun. There's a trailer here. The Younger Son liked it ok but isn't putting it on his list of SFF favorites.

You can watch it online here:

The New York Times has a review. 1000 Misspent Hours gives it some praise but ends with this: "it’s a hell of a lot better than Rollerball." Moria notes "it received an almost universal panning from mainstream critics and genre fans alike," and describes it as
a film that seems like it is made by middle-aged conservatives who can’t understand what youth is rebelling about and believes that what they really need is to forsake hedonism and make a return to traditional respect for one’s elders, for the sanctity of family and marriage and the American flag.

Roger Ebert likes it, saying
is a vast, silly extravaganza that delivers a certain amount of fun, once it stops taking itself seriously.
and that it
has wit enough to work on such a level; even while we're chuckling at such an audacious use of cliche, we're having fun. ends its review with this:
Despite its Oscar, this is not a special effects movie; it is a philosophy and character movie that adroitly uses effects (and action and sex). Though at times campy and problematic, in some ways Logan's Run exemplifies how a science fiction film should be made.

Stomp Tokyo starts with this:
Upon your admission that you've never seen Logan's Run, a friend or family member may turn to you and say: "You've never seen Logan's Run? What do you mean, you've never seen Logan's Run?" It's that sort of movie.

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