Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Castle Dracula Still For Sale

I remember this story from back in January when I wrote

While not an independent mini-state like Sealand, which is also on the market, at least you can drive a car up to the front door of this 14th Century Transylvanian castle. It is for sale by the New York City heir who only recently came into possession after communist takeover in 1948.

and again in July when I noticed that Castle Bran was back on the market.

Now Forbidden Planet reports

Castle Bran, often referred to as the ‘real’ Castle Dracula, is the centre of a legal controversy

They provide a link to this BBC video on the problem regarding ownership. It seems the government is saying, "Oops," and wants the castle back.

HT: Futurismic


update from sfscope

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